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Workshop and Network

Please join us for our first in person Workshop of 2022.

11:30-1:00 PM

 Click the image below to register!

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How to Achieve the Ultimate Work-Life Balance Without Sacrificing your Career.

In today’s world where remote work is a new norm and professionals work at all hours, work-
life balance has taken on a totally new meaning. This workshop will explore a new way of
operating by providing a framework that allows for balancing all sides of your personal life,
along with managing a growing career.

Joana Ardelean is a human resources executive, coach, speaker and writer, and a proud
Romanian with rich traditions filled with faith. She strives for mastery in her field, is an award
winner, is triple certified and has a graduate degree in Human Resource Management.

Joana spent almost two decades at industry giants such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, RR
Donnelley, and different local government agencies. But her passion shines through when she is
helping high performing women struggling with burnout and overwhelm at work and at home.

Ardelean loves to show ambitious professionals the incredible life of flow, calm and ease that’s
possible on the other side of their struggle and help them get there. Her coveted framework is
now published in her book: “Burnout 911: The Ultimate Guide to Work-Life Balance.”

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