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Please join us for interactive discussion on topics of particular interest to women working at all levels of local government.


  • Reach out to your network of people is essential and a key part of your growth and leadership.

  • Give yourself grace for the change that is occurring, whether good or bad.

  • Take time to reassess or evaluate what you have learned from the experience to express to others—productive thinking versus catastrophic thinking.

  • I implemented a “Fridays at Five” email for board members to recap the week. It keeps an opening of communication on the day-to-day happenings in the community.

  • Podcasts: Julia Dreyfus Podcast with talks and interviews with other women about empowerment and “We Can Do Hard Things” podcast. There is also a book by this title and talks about next steps as it can relate to retirement adjustment and other changes.


  • “Lean into Change- Growth and comfort don’t co-exist; if you're going to grow, it will be a little uncomfortable.” 


  • Two things can be true- Yes and……or no, but….

  •  Keep one foot on the ground, representing yourself, and the other represents the change occurring. Trust your gut and be uncomfortable through the process.

  • Reframe your mindset on how you are looking at the current change. Adjust your self-talk.

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