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Current position: Acting Village Manager, Niles IL


Brief Bio: Hadley Skeffington-Vos is the Acting Village Manager for the Village of Niles. She began working in city management as a graduate level intern for the City of Sterling, IL in 2011 and worked her way up to Assistant to the City Manager, working in various capacities over her three years with Sterling.  She has a B.A. from Lake Forest College and a Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Kansas.  Ms. Skeffington-Vos is an ICMA Credentialed Manager and a SHRM Senior Certified Professional. She is active in ILCMA, ICMA, IAMMA, Legacy Project and IPELRA.

1. After finishing 2020 what is one phrase or sentence you could describe this past year?       


Working moms are fierce!


2. Did you see yourself becoming a local government leader when you were growing up? If not, what else did you picture yourself doing?


Absolutely not. I didn't even know what a city manager was until my senior year of undergraduate college (Lake Forest College). I went to college completely undecided on what I wanted to do. While I eventually majored in International Relations, I thought I would work for a federal agency or work in public policy for a governmental agency. It wasn’t until my senior year of college that I found out about local government and the city manager position.



3. Has there been a local government leader or local elected official who made a difference in your career or life, whether a close mentor or someone that you looked up to? What did they teach you?


I did not know what a city manager was until I was a senior in undergraduate college. I knew that I wanted to continue onto graduate school, but I was thinking about Public Policy.  While studying for the GRE and looking at schools for which to apply, I reached out to my Career Center and asked to be connected with alumni who had received a similar graduate degree.  They found a local alumni who happened to be the City Manager of Lake Forest – Bob Kiely. I met with Bob and during our first meeting he convinced me to a) go into local government and b) attend the University of Kansas MPA program.  There was no turning back from there!  Bob has continued to be a great resource to me and friendly face at professional development events.  My first city manager boss, Scott Shumard, was also a big influence on my early career. He put 100% faith in me and expanded the scope of my internship. I learned a lot while working for Scott and he still is a great sounding board for me. I appreciate his style, candor and true love for his community and the experiences I had while working in Sterling. My second city manager boss, Steven Vinezeano, also had a great influence on my career. He hired me as the Assistant in Niles, and for seven years taught me a lot and, again, put 100% faith in me to tackle whatever he threw my way. I continue to remain in touch with Steven even after his retirement. A special bond that I must note are the relationships that I built through the Leadership ICMA program and 2015 ICMA/SEI training program. Those local government professionals are my rocks. I text them out of the blue and they are always responsive and supportive.


4. What advice do you have for people who are looking to work in a public service role?                                                                                               

My advice has always been to take any role, no matter the title or location. I worked as an intern in a small town, but my responsibilities were HUGE.  I was able to translate that work experience into an Assistant position in a larger and suburban community. No responsibility is too small or title too insignificant. There is always the opportunity to volunteer or give back even through committees, if the timing or conditions for a public sector career path is not right for someone. I encourage everyone to participate by voting, speaking out on local issues, reading meeting packets or coming to local events and talking with elected officials. 

5. What accomplishments, big or small, have you celebrated recently?


Niles recently hosted a senior citizen vaccination event.  It was a great reminder of why I pursued a career into local government. The direct impact on the community, the teamwork of the department staff and the cross-jurisdictional coordination and public/private partnerships were working at their best during this event. It was such a rewarding experience.  Along the same lines, we also just vaccinated all our willing and able employees, which was a great victory for the road ahead.

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